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At AMMotorwerkz, we have a dedicated finance and insurance team. AMMotorwerkz motorbike finance team can help you get on the road faster than you had ever imagined. With an array of popular motorbikes on offer from leading manufacturers including Yamaha and Honda, AMMotorwerkz is the ultimate destination for all things motorcycling.


Motorcycle financing has never been easier. AMMotorwerkz makes sure you get the financial support you need with a range of flexible repayment options. We offer trusted advice and can negotiate great bike loan rates and finance options for both individuals and Businesses.


At AMMotorwerkz, we’re not just passionate about motorcycles; we’re also committed to providing our customers with the best finance and insurance options. That means when you buy any new or used motorcycle, we can insure it for you at the same time. Whether you plan on travelling across the border to Malaysia on your brand new motorcycle – or you need cover for getting around town on your scooter – we have a range of motorbike insurance options that we tailor to your needs. You can be assured that when it comes to motorcycle insurance, our  finance and insurance department have found the best interest rates and Premiums.


With over 10 years in business, we like to keep things simple and  straightforward. Our finance and insurance people are there to show you how  affordable a new bike can be. Better still, they can help you with things like warranty, bolt-on accessories, tyre and rim cover, payment protection, gap protection and more.


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